Value Chain Finance in Georgia_Recorded Webinar

A special thank you to Tyler Green (Project Coordinator, BFC) for his wonderful presentation on Value Chain Finance in Georgia, which he delivered as part of the e-MFP ROI AG Webinar on the 18th of May, 2016.

Many thanks to everyone who participated. It again proved to be an interesting and in depth discussion, and all contributions were greatly appreciated.

Please see the video below for a recording of Tyler’s presentation.


TED Talk: Credit Scoring for Customers Without Loan Histories

Here is an interesting TED talk which describes an approach for providing loans to customers who don’t have any credit history. This method involves analysing data from their phones to build a credit score.

Do think this approach can be more widely used? Perhaps the privacy implications would make it unattractive for potential borrows? Or is the trade off a good way to build up a credit history which can be used as a stepping stone to commercial finance?

Find out more by watching the video below and share your thoughts.


The e-MFP ROI Webinar Guide

Webinar Goals

The e-MFP ROI webinars aim to facilitate an exchange of knowledge between action group members and provide networking opportunities for participants.

Format of Webinars

Each webinar begins with a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation given on a specific topic related to the overarching goals of the e-MFP ROI Action Group. The presentation is followed by a discussion forum which lasts for 15-30 minutes.

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CtN Conference: What Nuts Were Cracked in 2016?

Cracking the Nut 2016 was a very successful event in Washington, DC. The conference took at look at changes being made to “regenerate” rural and agricultural market development and financial inclusion in developing countries. This means going beyond environmental conservation to regeneration and repair of natural resources upon which rural and agricultural communities depend.


Conference Publication bringing together the insight from speakers and participants. It looks at the lessons learned from development practitioners and private sector companies around the world.

  • Regenerating Rural and Agricultural Landscapes.
  • Financing Environmentally Sustainable Development.
  • Encouraging Investment in Climate-Smart Agriculture.

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UNCCD Marketplace

You can find information below on the UNCCD. This may be useful to some of you and is certainly worthwhile taking a look at.
The Capacity Building Marketplace of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) is a platform matching needs and possible solutions related to capacity building, as pertain to sustainable land management and drought.  The Marketplace, designed as an interactive and user friendly platform, gives you the possibility to find and/or offer scholarships, fellowships, internships or volunteer opportunities, as well as e-learning and university courses.

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Feeding a Growing World

Here is an interesting video about food security which raises agricultural production issues and suggests possible solutions.

Do you agree with prescribed solutions? What do you think would be the best approach for ensuring food security?


Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting

The Asian Development Bank is holding it annual meeting in Frankfurt between the 2nd-5th of May. More information and the topics chosen for discussion can be found at their website.

The Financial Times are also running newsletters with articles that coordinate with the ADB’s 2016 topics. You can see an example of the newsletter here.