Survey: e-MFP Rural Outreach & Innovation Action Group

As a first step we have created a survey, which will serve as the basis to plan the topics and the working structure for the year ahead. I really believe your voice and opinion matter and it would be much appreciated if you could please take the time to fill it out (it should not take more than 5 minutes).

We will take the time to analyse your answers and structure an inaugural meeting based on our findings. You will receive an invitation, with a summary from all the feedback we received from your side, for a meeting which will take place in March.

I am open for your suggestions, inputs, and feedback, as well as for a personal conversation.


The Survey is available here: “e-MFP ROI AG Survey“.

Future of the ROI Action Group

What topics to work on in 2015/16

Exchange and exploration of (existing) information and ideas for 2015 and 2016:

  1. Development of hybrid financial instruments for farmers and/or Producer Organisations
  2. There is a need for exchange of research by European parties in the sector and share this with partners in the field, carry out an inventory make it practically available
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e-MFP ROI AG: Publications

Brief No.3 (in English, French and Spanish):

Policy Statement on Value Chain Finance: