The e-MFP ROI Webinar Guide

Webinar Goals

The e-MFP ROI webinars aim to facilitate an exchange of knowledge between action group members and provide networking opportunities for participants.

Format of Webinars

Each webinar begins with a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation given on a specific topic related to the overarching goals of the e-MFP ROI Action Group. The presentation is followed by a discussion forum which lasts for 15-30 minutes.

WebEx Software

Webinars are held on the WebEx platform. Visit this test page to make sure your computer has the required software installed to join. The test page will ask for a name and email address before attempting to join you to a simulated meeting. If there is an issue, the website will tell you what to install. You can contact the e-MFP ROI Action Group Head directly for additional support.


Each webinar presentation is recorded and posted to the e-MFP ROI website. The discussion forum is not recorded. Information on previous webinars and their recordings can be found here.

Why Participate?

e-MFP ROI webinars provide a great opportunity to gain a new perspective and learn more about rural development issues. In addition, the discussion forums are lively and engaging, allowing group members to get to know each other better and share their own experiences. There is no pressure though; any participant can get as involved as they want.

Present Your Own

Everyone is welcome to present on their chosen subject. Presenting a webinar can contribute to professional development goals by providing a friendly and interested audience to practice public speaking skills, present and test new ideas, or prepare for an upcoming conference. If that sounds exciting, then contact Marina Kortenbusch, e-MFP ROI AG Head, directly over skype (marina.kortenbusch) to chat about options.


We welcome ideas and suggestions. Maybe you want to tell us what you like and what you don’t, or perhaps you have a recommendation for the format which others would enjoy.  Whatever your opinion, feel free to pass it along to the e-MFP ROI AG Head.