Survey Results

“Survey: e-MFP Rural Outreach & Innovation Action Group” was conducted in early February to plan the topics of the year ahead and understand abilities and preferred forms of communication between ROI AG Members.

Summary of key survey answers

There were 19 Responses received. 75% were from current members of e-MFP ROI Action Group.

Topics of Interest are divided by 7 categories:

Other Topics of Interest:

  • Guarantee mechanisms (guarantee funds) to help channel mid and long term financial resources to small farmers
  • Linking to geographic information systems
  • For which of these topics there is a sufficient number of local consultants? For which of these subjects, Western consultants are needed? Which fields of expertise are in need?
  • How to involve “other actors” than FIs in promoting rural outreach for agri finance (Central Banks, Ministries, corporates). What “configurations” have proven to work and keep all parties committed on a long term (sustainable) basis.
  • Extension of agricultural products to include environmental protection, CC adaptation and green value chain opportunities
  • Financing Environmental in Agricultural Practices
  • HR and team management for small NGOs; Sustainability in projects initiated /supported by donors
  • Microfinance Investment Vehicle
  • Social aspects of rural finance → Social aspects are often little considered in rural finance. For example, child labour is of particular concern in rural areas but do financial service providers look if their money is supporting it? Our interest is i) finding out about the reality of inclusion of social concerns in rural finance, and ii) building tools that help financial service providers to address social concerns
  • Guarantee funds

Expectations from the Group:

  • Success story on starting and completing any, even the simplest, activity
  • Outputs (any kind) related to the topics stated above
  • Open sharing of experience, driving for innovative solutions of what we find on the ground
  • Active in the aspects explained in the previous questions
  • It is difficult to answer as we do not know what would be the them of the joint work
  • Since I can not promise anything, I can not state requirements to others here
  • At least participation from 5 EU countries and sharing of innovative approaches
  • Having experiences in MFI
  • Expertise development that is additional and new to the existing worldwide knowledge

Expectations towards the Group Head

  • Leadership of the group, organizing agenda of events and exchange of information
  • Coordination and stimulation of contribution of members
  • Coordination, organization, follow up on the various AG activities
  • Ensuring that the group doesn’t die even if nobody seems to have time working for it
  • Moderating role
  • Good coordination and energy to motivate members
  • Drive communication of group
  • Coordination and animation
  • Intensive discussion among them
  • I hope an interesting activity with novel information about the financing in agriculture
  • Out of all ideas and suggestions of members, pick the optimal ones, agree with other members and backstop the process till producing tangible result
  • Coordinating, moderating, networking
  • Try to make the group a real “action” group, bit with realistic expectations. Collect practical real solutions, lobby with donors/clients for business opportunities that (active) group members can benefit from.
  • Active coordination (but not too much communication also!)