European Microfinance Week ROI Agenda: Nov. 16–18

November 16 (Wednesday): EMW Action Group Day

Digital Innovations for Financial Empowerment Action Group
10:00–17:00, Workshop

Head of Group: Philippe Breul (PHB Development)

DIFE AG members will share their past year experiences, results (outcomes), and lessons learned related to the digital financial services industry and new trends in this environment.

Among others, the AG will discuss the following topics: digital finance (DF) studies and strategies, DF implementation and improvements, Big Data, Fintech, core banking systems for DF, and new trends in funding opportunities. There will also be a presentation of the new Tanzania Postal Bank case study.

10:45-11:15: Michael Kortenbusch (BFC),BFC VCF Projects’, Etienne Mottet (BFC),FinTech and AgroLoans’, & Marina Kortenbusch, PhD (BFC/ROI AG Head) ‘Rural Outreach and Innovation AG

Microfinance & Environment Action Group

Head of the Group: Davide Forcella, PhD (CERMi)

This session will include a presentation on the Green Index 2.0, a roundup of the group’s activities, discussion of strategy, and discourse on the collaboration with the ROI AG to work together on finding solutions to issues related to Inclusive Green Rural Finance.

11:40-11:50: Marina Kortenbusch, PhD (BFC/ROI AG Head), ‘Rural Outreach and Innovation AG: Year in Review and Vision for 2017

11:50-12:10: Discussion of possible active cooperation between ROI AG and MF and Environment AG towards the establishment and definition of activities/objectives for an inclusive green rural finance working group.

Rural Outreach and Innovation Action Group (ROI AG)

Head of Group: Marina Kortenbusch, PhD (BFC)

13:30–15:20: PART 1. Trends in Rural Finance

This session will showcase ROI members’ work in the field of rural development. Each presentation will last around 3-5 minutes, followed by a Q&A.

Moderator: Michael Kortenbusch (BFC)


  1. Mariel Mensink (ICCO Terrafina Microfinance), ‘The use of technology in agricultural finance’
  2. Davide Forcella, PhD (CERMi), ‘Inclusive Green Rural Finance, Trends in Green AG activities, opportunities for greening the agro projects’
  3. Etienne Mottet (BFC), ‘FinTech and AgroLoans. BFC experience: Agro Catalogue; Agro Loan Origination System; Lessons learnt and way forward.’
  4. Patricia Richter, PhD (ILO Social Finance Programme), ‘Social and Environmental Risks and Impacts in VCF’
  5. Jonathan Agwe, PhD (IFAD), ‘A brief broad overview of IFAD’s experience in Agricultural Value Chain Finance (AgVCF)’
  6. Bart De Bruyne (Consultant), ‘Warehouse receipt lending’
  7. Marina Kortenbusch, PhD (BFC/ROI AG Head) & Evgeni Siachin (BFC), ‘Rural Outreach and Innovation AG: Year in Review and Vision for 2017’

15:30–16:50: PART 2. ROI 2017

This interactive session will use the “Vernissage” method of forming a group’s collective strategy. Through a proven combination of brainstorming, mind-mapping, and photo protocols, we will define the vision for ROI in 2017 as a reflection of the priorities of the group. In addition, this workshop will include the opportunity to develop synergies between members for the coming year.

If you cannot attend this session but still want to make a contribution, then please submit your ideas to the ROI AG Head via email ([email protected]).

Please note that this session is in principle for AG members, however, people interested in becoming a member are welcome to attend.

Facilitator: Marina Kortenbusch, PhD (BFC) 

November 17 (Thursday): EMW Main Conference

Agricultural Value Chain Finance and Agroinsurance

The e-MFP Rural Outreach and Innovation Action Group will bring together an exceptional panel to discuss the latest developments in agricultural Value Chain Finance (VCF) and agroinsurance from around the world.

VCF and agroinsurance are important tools for supporting rural development. By enhancing the systems through which farmers access credit, purchase inputs, and protect their produce, these schemes can boost investment, profitability, and income stability. The panel, and their respective topics, will consist of:

  • Michael Kortenbusch (BFC) will moderate and provide the introduction, ‘Agricultural Value Chain Financing Experience from Eurasia’
  • Mariel Mensink (ICCO Terrafina Microfinance), ‘How to connect companies to small holders in VCF’
  • Bart de Bruyne (Consultant), ‘Warehouse Receipt Lending’
  • Jonathan Agwe, PhD (IFAD), ‘Hotels in VCF with Crop-in-the-Field as Collateral and Raising Appetite for Agro Insurance: echoes from the field in the Seychelles’
  • Patricia Richter, PhD (ILO Social Finance Programme), ‘Building scale in agricultural insurance through bundling with financial and non-financial services’